About me



T.A.Kaliyamurthy has captured the heats of millions of music lovers through the Thavil.Through his local and foreign tours he has taken the indian tradition and culture to such great heights only a great artist like him can achieve!

His Career Started in 1957.His great grand father School he is extraordinary students.

He also participated as “Special Thavil Artist” in various concerns with all leading Nadaswara vidwans like Thiruvengadu T.P. Subramani Pillai, Thiruvizhimizhalai Govindaraja Pillai brothers, Sembanarkoil S.R.Dakshinamoorthy Pillai brothers, Thirumeignanam Nataraja Sundaram Pillai, Namagiripettai Krishnan, Madurai Sethuraman Ponnusami brothers, Sheik Chinna Moulana Sahib, Clarinet Everest A.K.C.Natarajan.

He had impended training in thavil to more than 300 students Of Tamilnadu, Andhra and Pondichery and specialized them in the art od thavil.

In the 1970's T.A.Kaliyamurthy's fame reached the shores of srilanka and he was invited by the srilankan players to play the Thavil.

In the year 1977, he went to America and gave concert in the special thavil at the various cities of American states and Canada.

In the year 1996 he also went to Finland at summer festival programme to perform the Thavil.

In the year 1997 he went to Dubai to attend 50th year Indian independence programme to perform the Thavil.

In the year 2000 he went to Australia.In the Australian Art of Music (Jazz Music) and gave music album “Intothe fire” with them.

He also is the visiting Special professor in the Tamilnadu Govt. Music college & Music college of Annamalai University. He organisation Nadaswara & Thavil Festival programme for the year 2007 to 2010.

He was a judge of Local Audition Committee of All India Radio, Trichirapalli up to 15.08.91.